Tip 5 ‘Build a collaborative team representative of all stakeholders’

The multidisciplinary team has to be formed by representatives of all the stakeholders relevant for the intervention to be implemented. If all perspectives and expectations are considered, the intervention will meet all needs and sense of belonging will be increased among team members.



The aim of the BSA program is to build an urban age-friendly city. It is an integrated approach to citizen-centered innovation that covers the service provision for an ageing population with an increasing number of elderly and complex chronic individuals. There is vertical integration of the healthcare services (hospital, specialized care, primary care, social care) and horizontal integration of various health services, social services, housing, employment, and culture & leisure services. In the vertical integration it was a priority to include the GPs on board as gatekeeper. In Badalona it proved possible to organize all services under one umbrella organization.


Transfer to other settings:
  • Use participatory design to involve the right stakeholders from all levels at the beginning of the programme to address their particular needs and ensure acceptance of the programme.
  • Plan the implementation with all stakeholders, gain agreement on what needs to be done, when and how. Maintain their involvement and motivation by keeping them engaged.
  • A major stakeholder is the patient. You can’t guarantee implementation if the patient isn’t willing to join. Don’t assume they understand your proposition at the outset.
  • Share results and ask for input from all levels of the organizations.


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