Tip 4: `Make sure you have sufficient ambassadors to promote the program.’

True transformation of care management requires ambassadors from academia, healthcare and industry to implement innovative programs successfully.



With the right information at the right time at the GP office, exacerbations can be avoided. Innovative programs have been developed to achieve this. While new generation of GPs have been exposed to innovations in healthcare in their training, when they start their own practice, they often need to convince some colleagues and other stakeholders and indicate the overall vision being provided by government. The GPs and pulmonologists don’t feel ownership and as a result transfer of this program to other settings might not be straightforward as ambassadors may not be easily identified. This was found to be the case in the Rotterdam area.


Transfer to other settings:
  • GPs need to be supported by an overall integrated care vision.
  • Ensure a well-developed training program for making an accurate diagnosis is in place. Reduce the burden on primary care by taking over the initial diagnosis of suspected asthma and COPD patients.
  • GP and pulmonologist need to be rewarded to feel ownership of any programme being introduced.


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