Tip 2: ‘The maturity level of the service and management engagement are key’

The service has to be at a certain maturity level to engage in successful implementation of the collaborative methodology and consecutive upscaling process. Also, the engagement of the team and management included in the processes is a key element.



In the Region of Southern Denmark, a telepsychiatric service was to be scaled up across the region. The upscaling process is still ongoing but the service was too far ahead in the process to implement the collaborative methodology alongside the other ACT@Scale regions. As the service was too mature, the management engagement could not be secured to fully engage the program management and the team in the ACT@Scale collaborative methodology. In the process of upscaling the service, it has become evident that the maturity level plays an important role both in terms of engaging in a successful implementation of the collaborative methodology but also the engagement of management on different levels


Transfer to other settings:
  • You need organizational acceptance to apply the collaborative methodology along with management support, and you need the people involved to agree to use the methodology.
  • The service should be mature enough with studies showing supportive evidence for the service.
  • The service should not be too mature such that there is little or no room for change. Staff and management should feel that change can be achieved.


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