11th Nov 2017



  • Diabetes self-management – online records access

Target Group:

  • Diabetes patients


            My diabetes my way1

MDMW is an effective low-cost population-based self-management intervention. Evaluation has shown high-levels of user satisfaction, and more recent analyses have shown statistically significant improvements in routinely collected process outcomes amongst active users. When extrapolated across a large population, MDMW may offer significant cost savings through the reduction of long-term complications and associated treatments.

The aim is to rapidly scale the active and routine use of the MDMW service amongst the ~283,000 individuals with diabetes in Scotland who do not currently access their records. Activities will include improved signposting from Primary Care (where most people with type 2 diabetes in Scotland are treated), targeted mailouts and presentations at local events. Strategically, MDMW supports the Scottish Government’s 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care, which aims to provide the “person-centred tools required for people with diabetes to live longer, healthier lives at home through supported self-management”.


  • Diabetes telemonitoring services – foot screening

Target Group:

  • Diabetes patients / private podiatrists


         My diabetes my way

In 2015, NHS Scotland achieved its strategic goal of 80% of all people with diabetes having received foot screening within the previous 15 month period. Since changes to the Primary Care contract in 2016, screening levels have dropped to under 70%, meaning that patients who are not being screened are at higher risk of developing active foot disease. At present, 20% of patients receive podiatry screening outwith NHS services and their data are not transferred back to the service.

The aim is to develop functionality within MDMW to allow the collection of foot screening data using the NHS Scotland standard diabetic foot screening method: FRAME (http://www.diabetesframe.org/). This will allow patients to log-in to their electronic records while attending their private podiatrist, allowing the required data collection by a qualified practitioner, before onwards transmission to NHS systems. This proposal has gained the support of private podiatrists and the Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group, who will actively promote the service once it goes live.