9th Dec 2017

Region of Southern Denmark



  • Video Consultation for relatives

Target Group:

  • Citizens with hematologic diseases and their relatives
      VC for Relatives

Video Consultations have been implemented in several areas in the Region of Southern Denmark and this type of service is crucial to health care delivery and communication in the region for citizens, relatives and care professionals. Therefore, scaling is a political requirement as video consultations have been proven to be a good solution for the care professionals and citizens in many different clinical areas.

In ACT@Scale, RSD will focus on upscaling video consultations in the region but with a specific focus on the case of haematology patients at Odense University Hospital (OUH) to ensure that the relatives of this type of patient can attend consultations even if they are not able to attend in person.

The department of haematology at OUH provides highly specialised functions within the following areas for citizens in Region of Southern Denmark, i.e. up to 1.2 million citizens:

Acute leukaemia, Aplastic anaemia, Amyloidosis, Malignant lymphoma subtypes including Hodgkin’s Disease, Stem-cell supported high-dose chemotherapy, Rare benign haematological diseases, e.g. thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, Follow-up after allogeneic stem cell transplantation, Mastocytosis, and Eosinophilia.

The department has two projects in the field of telemedicine, i.e. the delivery of consultations and expertise at a distance.

  • Telecommunication between the patients and doctors at the hospital in Odense. For now it is patients living at Ærø (a small island south of Svendborg), but the plan is that it will be a routine service to all patients in RSD.
  • Video consultations as part of the ward rounds, where relatives can be part of the ward rounds “at a distance” through video consultations.