2nd Mar 2018

Germany – Gesundes Kinzigtal


  • Health coaching ”My Health”

Target Group:

  • Risk patients in need of care intervention, e.g. chronic diseases, multimorbidity

The overall aim of “My Health” lies in the ability to adapt the existing programmes to the specific needs and wishes of people living in Kinzigtal region, as well as getting much closer to the subject of multi-morbidity. Regarding the new developments, Gesundes Kinzigtal is about giving the patient the opportunity to individually select elements of programmes, trainings, education, and self-management courses. These kinds of modules cover very clear topics, such as medicine, therapy, medication, exercise, and relaxation. Every module has a great number of health offers that could be either a training module, a self-management module, a psychotherapeutic brief intervention, or a particular module where the practice assistant is regularly involved. All the physician has to do, is to prescribe the consultation with his recommended modules and make an appointment for his patients. The coaching consultation itself takes place at different locations in the cities and villages of Kinzigtal with respect to multi-morbid people with limited mobility.

The new care approach “My Health” including the new professional role as a health consultant lowers the barriers for patients to enter in health activities and improves cost effectiveness of the integrated care model in the long term. Tasks of this health consultant will mainly incorporate the arrangement of the new care modules and health care services based on physicians’ recommendations and the individual preferences of the patient. The physicians can be relieved from their bureaucratic workload for enrolment and giving detailed information about care services, while still being up to date of the care treatment process by looking in to their electronic patient record, where the consultant enters the results that were agreed with the patient directly after the consultation appointment. Consultants will be qualified and trained to be prepared for this kind of task. However, there is no need for extensive medical knowledge because ultimately the direction is already determined by the physician and by the modules and contraindications. Therefore, this approach can be easily transferred to other regions in Germany.


  • World of Training

Target Group:

  • Risk patients e.g. with obesity, osteoporosis and need of muscular skeletal strengthening



Since the beginning of 2016 Gesundes Kinzigtal established a training centre in their facilities. On the one hand, the training centre, so called “world of training”, contains a training area for physical training equipped with modern electronic training devices that are also approved for rehabilitation. On the other hand, it offers the world of training group activities lead by a qualified coach for people after a certain period of rehabilitation suffering from diabetes or muscular-skeletal diseases.

The electronic documentation of the training results allows the coaches to control and eventually adapt the training plan. Furthermore, the physician that is responsible for the medical treatment is able to access this data. The training considers primary and secondary prevention, but focuses on personalised physical training for the target group of elderly frail people. Therefore, the training is scheduled to ensure that a staff member is nearby in case training support is needed. The training is accessible for everybody but provides different membership fees based on whether the person is a member of Gesundes Kinzigtal, assured in the AOK or not.