Deliverables & publications

This page will be updated with the project’s deliverables as they are produced and submitted to the European Commission as well as publications generated by the project or relevant to it’s focus areas.


D2.2 ACT@Scale Leaflet

D2.3 ACT@Scale Dissemination Plan

D3.1 Guidance of Collaborative Methodology and Quality Assurance Plan

D3.2 Intermediate evaluation report

D4.1 Evaluation Engine Architecture

D4.2 Baseline Iteration Paper

D4.3 Second Iteration Report

D5.1 Stakeholder and Change Management Maps

D5.2 Report on Learning Session 1 – Stakeholder Management and Change Management

D5.3 Report on learning Cycle – Stakeholder and Change Management

D5.4 Report on Learning Session 2 – Stakeholder and Change Management

D6.1 Service Selection Methodology Report

D6.2 Report on Learning Session 1 – Baseline phase

D6.3 Report on learning cycle – Service selection

D6.4 Report on Learning Session 2 – Service Selection

D7.1 Financial Flows and Reimbursement Descriptions of all Programs

D7.2 Report on Learning Session 1 – Sustainability and Business models

D7.3 Report on Learning Cycle – Sustainability and Business models

D7.4 Report on Learning Session 2 – Sustainability and Business models

D8.1 Touchpoint maps of citizen interactions

D8.2 Report on Learning Session 1

D8.3 Report on Learning Cycle – Citizen Empowerment

D8.4 Report on Learning Session 2 – Citizen Empowerment


El cuidado conectado: desde la sala de espera a la sala de estar, Share Innovation, 16 December 2016

ACT@Scale sprints for EIP on AHA, EIP on AHA B3 forum, 3 November 2016

Common Challenges Faced in EU-funded Projects on Integrated Care for Vulnerable Persons, International Journal of Integrated Care, July 2017

ACT@Scale – Telehealth and Care Coordination Lessons Learned, WHINN 2017

Presentations from ACT@Scale Transferability event, WHINN 2017

Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth at Scale, Cristina Bescos

Integrated care pathway for multimorbid patients, Esteban de Manuel Keenoy

Collaborative methodology in ACT@Scale, Kronikgune

ACT@Scale and transferability of good practices

Experiences in citizen-centred innovation, Jordi Piera

Implementation and communication, Chris Wright

UK Digital Health post the WSD programme, Stanton P. Newman

The Danish e-Healthportal, Jakob Uffelmann