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ACT@Scale Handbook

To support the knowledge transfer across Europe and beyond ACT@Scale has published a handbook that comprises of all the learnings and experiences from the past three years. The handbook intends to assist other regions in their efforts to scale good practices for the benefit of European citizens.


ACT@Scale – Telehealth and Care Coordination Lessons Learned, WHINN 2017

The publication presents different aspects and lessons learned in the implementation and upscaling of health and care services, and how to further secure collaboration and knowledge transfer between different regions in Europe. The contents are based on an event hosted by ACT@ Scale at the Week of Health and Innovation, October 2017 in Odense, Denmark, entitled “Telehealth and Care Coordination: What we did right and what we did wrong?”


ACT@Scale project leaflet

The leaflet presents key information about the ACT@Scale project.


ACT@Scale Infographic, EIP on AHA Conference of Partners

The infographic by ACT@Scale was visible at the Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing on 27-28 February 2018 in Brussels, and includes key information about the project, including achievements.


Common Challenges Faced in EU-funded Projects on Integrated Care for Vulnerable Persons, International Journal of Integrated Care, July 2017, Maureen Rutten-van Mölken 

The editorial article summarizes the session at ICIC17, where five different EU-projects presented their work within the area of assessment of integrated care. The article addresses the challenges the projects face, the potential solutions, and the added value of EU-funding.


El cuidado conectado: desde la sala de espera a la sala de estar, Share Innovation, 16 December 2016, Cristina Bescos

The article presents a discussion on the possibilities for moving treatments from hospitals to home care settings, including good examples from the ACT@Scale project.


Presentations from ICIC18, Utrecht

Listed below are all the ACT@Scale presentations from ICIC18, which took place on 23-25 May 2018 in Utrecht, Netherlands with the subject: Value for People and Populations: Investing in Integrated Care.

Participatory Approaches to Improve Integrated Care Programs: Methods, Experiences, and Early Results Applying Methods from Implementation Research – Helen Schonenberg, Philips

Long-term advantages of person-centred and integrated care: results of a longitudinal study on Embrace – Dr Klaske Wynia, UMCG

Experiences from the twinning between Scotland and the Basque Country –Donna Henderson, NHS24 & Esteban de Manuel Keenoy, Kronikgune

Basque health service – Osakidetza integrates care: Scaling-up process of integrated care program for multimorbid patients within ACT@Scale project – Ane Fullaondo, Kronikgune

Comparing sustainability and business models of scaling up care programmes within EU regions – Sander Holterman, UMCG

Innovative approaches to outcome measurement in EU-funded research projects on integrated care for people with complex needs – Helen Schonenberg, Philips Research

How can patient empowerment be integrated into change management while scaling-up an integrated care program? – Violeta Gaveikaite, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR and Philips research


Presentations from ACT@Scale Transferability event, WHINN 2017

Listed below are all the presentations from the ACT@Scale event: Telehealth and Care Coordination: What we did right and what we did wrong? Critical self-reflection, hosted during WHINN, Odense 2017. The event was organised in collaboration with EIP on AHA B3 Action Group, and focused on knowledge sharing and lessons learned.

Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth at Scale, Cristina Bescos

Integrated care pathway for multimorbid patients, Esteban de Manuel Keenoy

Collaborative methodology in ACT@Scale, Kronikgune

ACT@Scale and transferability of good practices

Experiences in citizen-centred innovation, Jordi Piera

Implementation and communication, Chris Wright

UK Digital Health post the WSD programme, Stanton P. Newman

The Danish e-Healthportal, Jakob Uffelmann