OptiMedis AG


OptiMedis AG is a health management company founded in 2003. It is Germany-based, but also working in the international arena, for instance with a joint venture in the Netherlands (www.optimedis.nl). OptiMedis AG’s goal is to provide, together with partners in regional settings all over the world, a substantial health benefit to the population.

OptiMedis AG manages a group of regional Integrated Care Delivery Systems that are located in different parts of Germany, such as Gesundes Kinzigtal and Gesundheit für Billstedt/Horn, the Netherlands and the UK. It serves as a research and performance management institute to these regional delivery systems. OptiMedis AG is well connected in Germany with health insurances, ministries, medical associations and public services in the regions it is operating in.


OptiMedis AG has an internal department for research projects and data analytics, analysing complex social health insurance data for the regions it serves.

In ACT@scale, Optimedis AG will provide data analysis using its acclaimed data warehouse and contribute data on health care costs for the business plan development in WP7.



Team members: 


Name: Oliver Groene

Role in project: Health Services Researcher and Vice-Chairman of the Board at OptiMedis

Email: o.groene@optimedis.de

Name: Timo Schulte

Role in project: Head of Data Analytics

Email: t.schulte@optimedis.de

Name: Carla Weber

Role in project: Analyst Research & Development

Email: c.weber@optimedis.de