Gesundes Kinzigtal

Gesundes Kinzigtal, is a health care management company located in the small German town of Hausach seated in the black forest and on the banks of the river Kinzig. Founded in Haslach in 2005 it operates a regional integrated care system (Integrierte Versorgung Gesundes Kinzigtal – IVGK), and is responsible for all health care outcomes in the specific region. Gesundes Kinzigtal’s integrated care is one of the few population-based integrated care approaches in Germany, organising care across all health service sectors and indications. In ACT@Scale GK participates in the project with 2 services: one  to promote active lifestyle and a coaching programme.


Gesundes Kinzigtal offers a broad range of activities and services within their integrated care model for all ages in the region. These are for example lecture series or seminars about health topics, nutrition consultation, education programmes, training courses for different needs of activity, equipment training. Providing the right care at the right time and a continuous improvement of care services are guiding principles of the GK model, which is about empowerment and vertical and horizontal integration of the healthcare services. In the first years we concentrate on being GPs and practices as the coordinator and coach for our insured citizens. Overtime the portfolio of care services has grown and we saw the need of shifting this task and outsourced the coordination to the employees of Gesundes Kinzigtal. This was the reason of developing a new care approach named “My Health” in the beginning of 2016.


Team members:

Name: Nicola Störr

Role in project: Project Manager

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