Centre for Connected Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland

The Centre for Connected Health and Social Care (CCHSC) has been established to promote improvements in patient care through the use of technology, and to fast track new products and innovation in the Health and Social Care system in Northern Ireland. The primary purpose of the CCHSC is to improve the patient and client experience, and to provide better quality and more effective care. By supporting the more efficient delivery of services, it will also enable the healthcare system to respond better to the future needs of the population.

CCHSC is located within the Public Health Agency (PHA), an organization established in 2009 by the Department of Health. The PHA is a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional body with a strong regional and local presence. We have four key functions:

  • health and social wellbeing improvement;
  • health protection;
  • public health support to commissioning and policy development;
  • HSC research and development.

We were set up to provide a renewed and enhanced focus on public health and wellbeing by bringing together a wide range of public health functions under one organisation. We also aim to improve inter-sectoral working, including enhanced partnership arrangements with local government, to tackle the underlying causes of poor health and reduce health inequalities.


In 2011, CCHSC put in place a regional Telemonitoring NI (TMNI) Managed Service encompassing telehealth and telecare. The telehealth service uses assistive technology to allow patients to take their own readings at home in long term conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, COPD, and post-stroke management. Telehealth has also been used more innovatively in the area of renal disease and weight management. Telecare has been used for caregivers, people at risk of social isolation, memory issues, frail elderly and people with learning / physical disability to support them to live independently in their own homes. Learn more here.


Team members:


Name: Claire Bűchner

Role in project : NI Project Lead, WP8 leader

Email: claire.buchner@hscni.net