21st Apr 2017

Third transferability meeting between ACT@Scale and other EU initiatives

On Tuesday April 11, ACT@Scale participated in a third meeting focusing on outcomes between ACT@Scale and other European Projects.

The outcomes meetings are an initiative of Dutch researchers involved in EU-funded integrated care evaluation projects. The intention of these meetings is to share knowledge and experience, in particular in the area of measured outcomes. The participating projects and organisations of the last meeting were:

–          ACT@Scale
–          SELFIE
–          SUSTAIN
–          TOPICS-MDS
–          ZonMw

During the session we shared the project scopes: goals, target population, participating programs and outcomes. This gave a good overview of the commonalities and differences between the projects, programs and research topics. In addition, we had a more elaborate discussion on the challenges of evaluating integrated care in general and our experiences and views on that. These discussions will be continued during the next sessions.