22nd Jul 2016

eHealth European Congress: Improving Integrated Care

The ageing of the population and increasing chronic diseases push health systems to design and implement new strategies to improve care quality and ensure sustainability over time. Integrated care models focus attention on the patient and give special importance to the coordination of all stakeholders, to provide an integrated and comprehensive care.

Telemedicine is crucial to facilitating the coordinated management of processes and communication between professionals. It facilitates integrated care, knowledge management, and participation and empowerment of the patient. The processing of health data using artificial intelligence techniques in the coming years will allow important advances in the knowledge of various areas related to health and health services, helping to make better and more efficient decisions. The development of the internet of things will also facilitate personalised care to patients in their own environment.

However, it is important to assess the real value of technological innovations and health interventions to implement those that are currently useful. For this reason, this gathering on international level among health professionals, managers, technology companies, universities, patients, and anyone interested in the subject, was organised at the Health European Congress in San Sebastian the 16-17th June 2016.

ACT@Scale was present on the eHealth European Congress and participated to discuss, learn, and generate knowledge useful to society and innovation.

Please find further information about the eHealth European Congress here.