30th Jul 2018

ACT@Scale Local workshop in Region of Southern Denmark

RSD had their local workshop at April 17 – the overall aim of the local workshops in ACT@Scale is to create awareness and inform local stakeholders of the project activities and progress. At the RSD workshop the topics discussed were related to the relatives’ and the healthcare professionals’ experiences with the programme Video Consultation for relatives. The feedback included that the relatives experienced a great relief to be able to attend the rounds without being present at the hospital, due to the greater possibility to support the patient. The healthcare professionals experienced that the focus shifted somewhat from the patient being the centre of the conversation to the relative; however, the feedback also included the increased value of having the relatives participating in the conversations during the rounds.

The working group will continue to work with the program, which will involve a further discussion of the organisational aspects in order to make the new routines a part of daily practice.