10th Mar 2019

ACT@Scale Final Workshop at ICIC19

We are thrilled to host our Final Workshop in collaboration with the International Conference on Integrated Care 2019. The conference takes place the 1st-3rd of April in San Sebastián, Basque Country in Northern Spain.

The collaboration with ICIC19 supports the synergy between ACT@Scale’s primary focus on implementation and scaling up, and ICIC19’s general focus on integrated care. ACT@Scale has provided key learnings and valuable results when it comes to scaling integrated care in EU. We believe that knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences are key aspects for the success of future projects and for the wellbeing of EU citizens in general. Therefore, we are proud to organise our Final Workshop in collaboration with ICIC19.

Below is more information on ACT@Scale’s Final Workshop:


For more information about the conference please follow the link below.

Link to the draft programme