ACT Programme

ACT@Scale builds on the expertise and successful experiences of the ACT programme and will use tested and tried collaborative methods and tools to implement improvements. ACT ran from 15 February 2013 to 15 October 2015.

ACT (The Advancing Care Co-ordination & TeleHealth Deployment programme) was the first to be specifically designed to enable organisational and structural procedures supporting effective implementation of CC&TH services in the routine management of chronic patients. ACT methodology was based on key performance indicators for CC&TH outcomes and drivers that define data elements, combining quantitative and subjective methods in a process-structure-outcome model (Donabedian model). An evaluation engine captured, monitored and evaluated CC&TH deployment, using iterative collected data.

ACT@Scale will harness the evaluation framework, and evaluation engine, and extends its functionality from assessment tool to decision making tool, enabling the management of the scaling-up process:

  • Visualise process and maturity progress
  • Structure knowledge to lead to better decision making
  • Benchmark and guide resolutions with optimised indicators / score boards
  • Transfer good practices and lessons learned

One of the main outcomes of ACT was the ACT cookbook that can be accessed here.

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