About the project

The overall goal for ACT@Scale is to identify, transfer and scale up existing and operational Care Coordination and Telehealth good practices with the target of reaching a total of 100,000 care recipients across regions and programmes in multiple European countries.

This table shows target numbers for the upscaled services in ACT@Scale:


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ACT@Scale taps into experiences from successful real life deployment projects in 6 European regions and moves beyond condition specific areas by focusing on how innovative healthcare solutions are scaled up successfully on an organisational level. By using indicators to assess real world services and linking drivers and outcomes, ACT@Scale will provide guidance on changing care service delivery in European regions and beyond.

ACT@Scale consolidates identified best practice Care Coordination and Telehealth concepts that can be leveraged by the participating regions but also transferred to other regions.

The project activities are built around key methods and aspects needed in order to reach the project goal. At the same time, the activities reflect the areas that need to be addressed in an upscaling process. These areas include and cover:

  • Stakeholder and change management
  • Service selection
  • Sustainability and business models
  • Citizen empowerment

During the project’s lifetime, the exploration of these key areas will show how technology and services can ensure the optimal upscaling process across 6 regions in 5 EU countries. A holistic assessment will be performed based on an agreed minimum dataset of indicators supported by local and centralised data management tools.

Halfway through the project life time, the following outputs have been generated:

  • Maps of maturity for the 4 key areas of the programmes
  • Evaluation framework and minimum dataset, condensing the data collection approach and dependencies
  • Collaborative methodology – Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) – 1st applied cycle completed

ACT@Scale is a partnership of innovative European healthcare regions, industry and academia with potential to transform cure and care delivery services from pilots to scaled up, routine care practice for the benefit of the European population. The project comprises 16 partners from 7 EU and associated countries including 6 deployment sites across 5 of the countries coordinated by Philips Healthcare in Germany.

The project supports the EIPonAHA initiatives and delivers input and knowledge to the partnership. Project results are expected to facilitate concrete decision-making at EU policy level, and show payers, practitioners, and providers how patient care can be improved in light of an ageing society and pressured care systems under restricted budgets.

ACT@Scale runs for 3 years starting from the 4th of March 2016 and has a total budget of €3,5m co-funded by 3rd Health Programme of the European Union.

ACT@Scale builds on the expertise and successful experiences of the ACT programme and will use tested collaborative methods and tools to implement improvements.